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Exotic Hunting in South Texas


In addition to world-class whitetail deer hunting and dove hunting, Four Seasons Ranch offers exotic hunting for those wishing to experience a “Texas Safari”. Our exotic game animals can be hunted year round and make a perfect addition to any whitetail or dove hunt. Our exotic pasture includes addax, aoudad sheep, axis deer, blackbuck antelope, fallow deer, gemsbok, scimitars horned oryx, and zebra. Our quests can choose to hunt safari style, spot and stalk, or sitting in a blind overlooking water holes or feeding stations. Either way, our guests can experience the ultimate African game hunt right here in South Texas.

Addax Antelope
Addax’s native habitat can be found in Northwest African. ​A large antelope featuring a beautiful coat and spiral horns, an addax hunt can be quite challenging.

Aoudad Sheep
Aoudad sheep were introduced to Texas many years ago and is now a prolific species throughout the Texas landscape. The male’s distinctive chaps are complemented by sweeping horns that curl outward and back with mature male reaching 36 inches in horn length.

Axis Deer
The Axis deer is originally from Southeast Asia and has adapted nicely to the Texas terrain. These beautiful animals feature long antlers and spotted coats. Axis deer meat is some of the finest table fare you will ever experience.

Blackbuck Antelope
The Blackbuck’s native habitat can be found in India and has adapted perfectly to the Texas terrain. A member of the gazelle species, the male blackbuck features spiral horns and a dark coat during the rut. The blackbuck antelope is one of the most sought after exotic species in Texas.

Fallow Deer
The origins of the Fallow Deer can be traced back to Europe, but today can be found all over the world. Similar in size to the Texas whitetail, the fallow deer exhibits large branched antlers with paddles at the top with multiple point. The coat of the fallow deer can come in a variety of white and brown colors.

The Gemsbok’s native habitat can be found in Southwest Africa and is a sought after game animal by most American hunters when visiting Africa. The gemsbok, also called an oryx, is a large antelope featuring a beautiful gray coat, black and white head marking, with long straight ringed horns. The meat of this animal is also extremely delicious.

Scimitar Horned Oryx
The scimitar horned oryx is characterized by long, smooth, curved-back horns, and a white body and face with a reddish brown chest. The Scimitar Oryx’s native habitat can be found in North Africa but has adapted perfectly to the Texas habitat. In fact, the Scimitar Horned Oryx went extinct from Northern Africa and if it were not for Texas Ranch owners and their conservation practices, this animal would not be on this planet.

Zebras can be found in several areas throughout Africa and one of the game animals that many hunter seeks when visiting Africa. A member of the equidae family, the Zebra is recognizable by its distinct black stripes and can be known to be quite aggressive.

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